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Finding God
•  God reveals himself through creation of the universe; through the created universe; the relationship of science & religious beliefs;through the creation of human beings;through his Word; through his Son; through The Church;through The Nation of Israel; The Two Vines
•  God created us for love
•  What everyone wants - three crucial needs
•  Looking for love in the wrong direction; desperate for love 1; 2
•  The evidence for God is all around us..but we are rebellious
•  The problem of sin: a barrier separating us from God
•  The heart of the problem
   •  Getting right with God: repentance - what is it?
   •  Peter's sermon at Pentecost
•  God's spiritual heart transplant
•  How to be born again
•  Journeys to faith
   •  People in the Bible who met Jesus:
       Cornelius; Timothy; Ethiopian minister; Nicodemus; Saul of Tarsus
   •  People in history who met Jesus:
       Augustine; Luther; John Wesley; John Newton; Charles H Spurgeon
   •  People today who have met Jesus
       Chuck Colson;Joni; Jim Elliot; David Wilkerson; Jackie Pullinger
   •  Taste & see

Walking With Jesus Day By Day
•  Walking with Jesus
•  Jesus' relationship with God: four spiritual disciplines
   •  Alone with God: developing a quiet time
   •  Preparing to listen to God
•  Listening to God in Scripture
   •  Devotional Bible reading
   •  Biblical meditation; practical exercise in meditation
   •  Keeping a spiritual journal
   •  Systematic Bible study
      •  Inductive Bible study; practical exercise in inductive Bible study
•  Listening to God in prayer
•  Talking to God in Prayer: The Lord's Prayer
      •  Focusing on God; Hallowing God's Name; May God's kingdom come;
      •  Praying for God's provision; pardon; protection; putting on armour
•  Prayer in spiritual warfare
•  Praise & worship
•  The Way of a Disciple 1 & 2

The Trinity
•  God is light
•  The Three-in-One God
•  God the Father
     •  The attributes of God: Creator; Judge: Abba! Father
•  God the Son:
     •  Jesus Christ, Son of God, son of man
     •  Jesus' incarnation
     •  Jesus Christ, fully divine, fully human
     •  Jesus the Messiah 1, 2, 3, 4
     •  Jesus' sinless life & model ministry; The Way of a Disciple 1 & 2
     •  Jesus' claims: I AM; The Way; The Bread; The Water; The Vine;
         The Gate; The Good Shepherd; The Lamb of God; The Light of
         the world; The resurrection & the life
     •  Jesus' sacrificial death as Saviour
         (see also under Share PainGod's Answer To Evil)
     •  Jesus' resurrection & ascension
         (see also under Life After Death)
     •  Jesus as Mediator & Intercessor
     •  Jesus' second coming as King of kings & LORD of lords
•  God the Holy Spirit
     •  The Person & work of the Holy Spirit

The Church
•  The Church as The Body of Christ
   •  Relationship, not religion
•  The Church as The Family of God
•  The Early Church: in Jerusalem; in Antioch & Ephesus; in Corinth
•  Believer's Baptism in water; in Spirit
•  The Lord's Supper; Jewish origins; The Last Supper;
    The meaning of the Bread & the Wine

Statements of Faith
•  The Biblical basis of faith
    •  The Spirit-level of Scripture
•  The development of creeds as statements of faith
•  Tests of truth: the challenge of heresies: summary of heresies
•  How can I be sure?
    •  Atheist arguments against religious beliefs
    •  The rational basis of Christian beliefs
    •  The roles of faith & reason
•  A reasonable faith


A Brand New Start
•  Born again: a new creation
•  Natural vs supernatural birth & life
•  God's work & man's work
•  Evidence of being born again 1; 2
•  Beliver's baptism in water; in Spirit; baptism in the Book of ACTS
•  How to be baptised in the Holy Spirit
    •  Testimony of being born again & baptised in the Spirit
•  The battle between the Old vs the New Nature
    •  Distinguishing soul & spirit
    •  The Law of Gravity (sin) vs The Law of Aerodynamics (life in the Spirit)
•  Putting the past behind us; dealing with issues from the past
    •  Setting the captives free
•  My identity in Christ 1: 2; 3
•  The Lordship of Christ; Prayer inviting Jesus to be Lord of my life
•  Disciplined discipleship; a soldier under authority

The Call To Holiness
•  Called to be holy
•  Called to be different
•  God's boundaries for holy living: The Ten Commandments
•  Ten in two: The Royal Law of Love
•  Crucified with Christ: dead to sin, alive to God; corpses don't sin;
    set free from slavery to sin
•  Growing in Christ: the process of sanctification; marks of maturity

The Fruit of the Spirit
•  All you need is love
•  Love in nine flavours
•  Abiding in Christ
•  The process of fruit production
•  Pruning; John Newton I asked the LORD that I might grow
•  Building healthy relationships
       •  All you need is love
       •  Caring enough to confront
       •  Dancing with porcupines
       •  Dealing with anger
       •  Forgiveness
       •  Making allowances for one another
       •  Mutual respect
       •  Speaking the truth in love
       •  The Beatitudes
       •  The upside-down kingdom

The Gifts of the Spirit
•  Gifted to serve
•  Life in the Spirit
•  The ninefold gifts of the Spirit 
      •  Gifts of knowing: wisdom, knowledge; discernment
      •  Gifts of doing: faith; healing; miracles
      •  Gifts of speaking: tongues, interpretation; prophecy
•  Gifts, roles & ministries
•  My role in the Body

•  Healing; diagnosis & discernment; faith in healing;
•  A Biblical framework for healing 1; 2; 3
•  Spiritual discernment: deception; New Age deceit;
    telling the real from the fake;
•  How to avoid being deceived
•  Learning to minister like Jesus

Spiritual warfare
•  Living in a spiritual warzone
•  Know your enemy: the flesh, the world & the demonic
•  The lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eyes & the pride of life
•  Spiritual warfare, warriors & weapons
•  The clash of kingdoms
•  Demonic affliction & infiltration; list of demonic spirits in the Bible
•  The Christian's response to demonic attack
•  Jesus' victory over satan in the desert; in the garden; at the Cross
•  Winning the spiritual battle: enforcing the victory of Calvary
•  Enemy strongholds
•  Using the weapons God provides
•  Putting on the whole armour of God
•  The power of the Name of Jesus & The Blood of Jesus
•  Warfare prayer, praise & worship

The problem of evil
 •  Origins of evil - rebellion in heaven; rebellion on earth
 •  Free will & the origin of evil
 •  Satan's stealth tactics
 •  Free will & temptation: "The Sinatra Syndrome"
 •  The Fall of Man
 •  The results of the Fall
 •  Living in a fallen world
•   World in chaos

God's answer to evil: The Cross of Christ

 •  The Cross is the hinge of history; the symmetry of God's salvation plan
 •  The Cross of Christ reverses The Fall of Man
 •  The Cross - the cost of our salvation; the horror of crucifixion;
 •  A prophetic picture of Christ's crucifixion: Psalm 22
 •  The meaning of the Cross:
     •  Jesus took our place;
     •  Jesus took our pain;
     •  Jesus took our punishment
 •  The mystery of the Cross; its scandal; its foolishness;& its glory
 •  An impossible debt; paid in full - a modern parable
 •  The Blood of Jesus: the most precious blood in the universe
 •  Ten benefits of Jesus' Blood
 •  The Cross alone: nothing more, nothing less; nothing else

Life After Death
 •  Evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ; archaeological
 •  Arguments about written evidence for the resurrection
 •  Theories about Jesus' resurrection
 •  Jesus' resurrection: fact or fiction?
     •  myth;
     •  the disciples stole the body
     •  hoax;
     •  women went to the wrong tomb;
     •  Jesus' tomb found in Jerusalem
     •  appearances just hallucinations
     •  Swoon theory
     •  a substitute died in Jesus' place
     •  Jesus' resurrection was spiritual, not real
•   Jesus is alive! 
     •  How we know Jesus is alive
     •  Ways God reveals himself to Christians
•  The Day of Judgement
•  God's justice & punishment of evil;
     •  God's justice & the Cross
     •  Heaven or hell: myth or reality? the choice is ours; to hell and back
•  Signs of the times: The Shaking
     •  The last days
     •  The Tribulation
     •  The True vs False Messiah
     •  A vision of things to come
     •  Jesus' warnings about the end times
•  The Return of Christ: Jesus' second coming as King of kings
•  Glimpses of glory: pictures of paradise; heaven as the presence of God

Biblical Lessons In Suffering
•  Lessons from Job
•  Lessons from Joseph
•  Lessons from Jesus
•  Lessons from Paul
•  Lessons from Peter & James

Sharing Christ's Sufferings
•  From witnesses to martyrs
•  Saul the Persecutor becomes Paul the Apostle
•  Organised state persecution
•  Suffering for Christ
•  The persecuted Church today
•  Christian grief
•  Healthy grief
•  The River of Grief
•  Working through grief to life after a death
•  A Christian approach to death & dying
•  Grieving the death of a loved one
•  The Christian's hope of heaven
•  Full assurance
•  From Tragedy To Triumph: All things work together for good
•  A modern example of how God turns tragedy into triumph: Joni
•  The Cross & The Crown: keeping our eyes on Jesus

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• Leaders' Guides 1; Leaders' Guides 2; Leasders' Guides 3
Listening to God
• Finding God In A Chaotic World
 End Times Signs

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